Choices For Health

Cardio Blast

A training to gain endurance and stamina. With this workout, you are never going to feel tired during your day.

Strength Training

Strengthen and shape your body like the greek statues. This is the path created to test the limits of your body.

Personal Training

Our highly qualified trainers give you undivided attention for result oriented workouts and holistic health gains

Diet Counselling

Great health is achieved through the right combination of diet and exercise. So we ensure that you eat right.


If you think you have a very active lifestyle, then these are workouts that will keep you charged, every day.


Who says healthy lifestyle can't be fun? These workouts are sure to get your blood flowing and heart pumping.

Yoga & Meditation

Relax and experience the peace hidden within yourself. This is a way of life created through ancient wisdom.

Bollywood Dance

Your heart on enjoyment and build up long lasting stamina while mesmerising the crowd with your dancing skills.

Kick Boxing

It's more than learning to defend yourself; it's also about gaining hardcore endurance as well as focus and persistence.

Steam Room

Sweat out all the toxins and feel the body relax as the steam rejuvenates every pore of your skin to give a natural radiance.

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