About Maximus

Established in September 2016, Maximus is a result of extreme hardwork, detailed knowledge and immense experience of like minded, passionate people having an intense urge and deep interest in inspiring people to follow a Fitness lifestyle.

Thoughtful approach, diligent efforts, meticulous preparation, contemplation & analysis has made Maximus a well maintained, safe, conducive and superior fitness facility.

Knowing that fitness is an experience of body and mind, Maximus has struck a perfect balance by providing a combination of state-of-the-art infrastructure, top of the line fitness equipments and machineries. The highly qualified & well trained fitness professionals create a friendly & comfortable atmosphere that guarantees the best means and motivation for people to achieve their fitness goals.


To encourage & put thousands of lives on the right path of fitness not only by training but also educating everyone about the science behind it.


To grow as the best fitness brand in different cities known for prompt service resulting in end user satisfaction and to ensure that every person associated with Maximus succeeds.


We aim at developing a holistic approach towards fitness in everyone. Team Maximus strives to inspire members to focus on all components (strength, stamina & agility) and aspects of fitness(physical & mental); Educating everyone the actual science of fitness by dispelling myths & misconceptions. Training everyone in order to improve functionality in day to day activities, enhance performance in all sports pursued, build strong and agile bodies along with focused and happy minds.

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